Abandoned Bicycles

Positively Putney have joined with charity – Carney’s Community – on a ‘Fix a bike and keep it’ workshop being held in January for young people in our community.

Carney’s Community Bike Workshop – #knivesdownbikesup – has been run twice before and has been hugely popular. Young people are invited to work with a professional bike mechanic on a bike they choose from those that have been donated or collected.

This is where Positively Putney have come in, collecting eleven abandoned bicycles from the streets of Putney. Assumed abandoned bikes were labelled with a yellow tag highlighting that the bike was deemed abandoned and would be removed on 29th November unless the bike was moved, or the tag removed. Wandsworth Council have also removed some abandoned bicycles from racks in Putney High Street and are donating to the same charity. Of course, if any bikes were removed in error please do get in touch and we will return them. The bikes are being stored until mid-January.

Abandoned bicycles are a nuisance in Putney taking up valuable space in the already overcrowded bike racks. We were delighted to be able to remove the bicycles and give them to such a worthy cause.

At the workshop the mechanic explains to the young person how to maintain the bike, the young person is able to customise it how they wish (with paint, stickers and spoke straws) and then they get to keep the bike, encouraging more physically activity and empowering them to have a bike that, otherwise, they would not be able to afford.

Fix a bike workshop


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