Christmas 2017 Footfall

Christmas is expected to be a busy time of year for businesses, however recent statistics from our records show that the percentage of people visiting shops in the lead up to the festive season is decreasing.

This issue is not just local to Putney but one that has been seen across the whole country over time. ‘It is now clear that the Christmas trading period as we used to know it, has shifted in shape, moving forward to encompass Black Friday, with a lessening in importance of Boxing Day as a key shopping day.’ – Springboard Christmas Review 2017.

According to this report, within the past eight years, five Christmases have experienced a decline in footfall. The drop was -3.3% greater than any other year since 2010.

Despite of this, all efforts are being made by the BID to market local businesses within the Putney BID boundary.

One of the many campaigns Positively Putney are running is our ‘Get Fit, Be Healthy’ January month. In this month we will be promoting health and fitness businesses, offers and events to help consumers get back into shape after Christmas. See our events page for current deals.

Later campaigns include ‘Dine in Putney’ February, where we will be promoting places to eat in Putney, and ‘Home of Rowing’ March, where we will be promoting Putney as a great place to visit. Businesses can get involved with any of our campaigns by contacting us with their offers, discounts, events or promotions and we will promote them through our various marketing channels.

Positively Putney have received feedback from our recent survey to businesses which show that 67% of those who answered have received a lower average customer spend this year compared to last year with one business stating that ‘business is definitely slower than 2016.’

If you are interested in completing our 2 minute survey to tell us how you have found footfall this Christmas then please click here. The feedback is very valuable to the BID team as it informs us where we can focus our efforts.

Images source: Springboard Christmas Review 2017

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