Diary of a BID Ambassador

Positively Putney have welcomed Harry to the ambassador team. Harry has lived in Putney since he was six years old, so he brings a wealth of local knowledge to the team. He also brings acting skills – for many years he was part of a touring stunt fighting team, and he’s still actively involved with Putney Arts Theatre. Harry is friendly and ready to help you with directions, recommendations or just a friendly chat.

Over the past month both Gareth and Harry have been visiting all BID businesses to deliver our six month report. This report is to inform businesses on the positive impacts Positively Putney have been working on over the past six months.

The ambassadors have been preparing for Putney, Home of Rowing month which is being celebrated for the whole of March. You can find out about all of the exciting rowing events in Putney this March here.

In the past month the ambassadors have continued to report issues such as delivery vans ignoring the High Street time restraints to the appropriate authorities.

In addition to this, the ambassadors have continued welcoming visitors to Putney. You can spot the ambassadors patrolling Putney, and they are always happy to offer directions, recommendations or just have a chat!

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