Getting Putney Ready

Rowers 2 metres aprt

We have been working with our partners, including Wandsworth Council, on the reopening of Putney town centre, in order to create a safe and secure space for people to move freely and with confidence and ease. The Government has released a roadmap to recovery. Please see here for further details

There are three important areas that we have been focusing on.

1. Adapting the public realm

Putney High Street is renown for its narrow pavements and, as a result, Wandsworth Council had started improvement works before lockdown to widen them. This work has been put on hold as the additional pavement would still not be wide enough for social distancing and managing a construction site would be difficult. As such, temporary measures have been put in place. They do not look pretty but we will work to make them look better over the next few months. In the meantime, it does allow pedestrians to socially distance.

We have highlighted pinch points to Wandsworth Council where we think we could benefit from road closures, one way streets and bus stop suspensions. These proposals are being considered.

Over the next week we will be installing floor graphics to help people ashere to the 2 metre distance rule, and to manage the queues once more businesses reopen.

We will be looking to install new signs to remind people about social distancing, about the symptoms of COVID-19 and recommended health messages.

2. Cleansing routines

Our cleaning contractor, Community Clean, spent March and April cleaning street furniture and the entrance to Putney Train Station. They will continue to focus on the street furniture rather than their normal pressure washing of the pavements.

We are looking at the feasibility of installing hand sanitising stations at entrances to Putney. Businesses will all be providing hand sanitation when entering their premises.

3. Business support

We have supported our levy businesses over the last ten weeks, providing assistance with applying for grants, advice on furloughing staff, and a weekly webinar call providing recent Government guidance. Many businesses are now working through their own risk assessments to make their business safe to reopen. A number have had to adapt their business model to remain sustainable. These businesses will need your support when they reopen. As local residents and consumers, ensuring the recovery of Putney is in your hands.

We understand that the leisure and hospitality sector may need to adapt dramatically to the ‘new normal’ by providing outdoor social spaces. Therefore, we have identified potential areas to Wandsworth Council and are working through space and licensing issues. It should add some required vibrancy to Putney town centre, whilst assisting the businesses to stay viable.

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