Home Schooling – Day 1

Now that we have all become ‘home teachers’ we suddenly appreciate how hard our teachers work. Nicola Grant, Executive Director has three kids aged 7, 10 and 13 years and embarked on home schooling them on Monday 23rd March alongside writing newsletters, listening to Industry webinairs on support for businesses, and keeping on top of emails from scared business owners.

The school day started with Joe Wicks ‘PE with Joe’ which gave 30 minutes to read some emails.

The 13 year old diligently worked through the work his school had set just appearing for some snacks and some time in the garden to play football.

The 10 year old finished all the work school had given in just two hours. She is a quick worker and it looked to be of high quality. Is two hours academics a day enough?

The 7 year old decided he could only do his work with a scribe (Mum) and whilst being supervised very closely. A reading comprehension on Giant pandas proved very interesting though.

By the afternoon we decided a game of Monopoly was the way to go – a game of luck, strategy and some skill! Day 1 of the Grant School is done, lets see how the next few weeks go.

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