Lockdown – Week Three

As we finish week three of lockdown how are you all feeling? In the Grant household, we have enjoyed a week of doing very little whilst I had the week off work. We have been so lucky with the weather and have been using our garden lots. I have even been doing some gardening and finding the transformation very motivating. We have bought both a netball and football/ hockey goal, so the kids have been keeping themselves entertained which is great.

hockey boy and goal

My eldest son has been following a Chelsea Football virtual camp learning lots of new skills, while my youngest son has done a Stickwise hockey masterclass and my daughter has been trying English Youth Ballet virtual lessons. It is amazing how the internet is helping keep some normality in their lives.

My daughter has been painting rocks in the garden as, close by to where we live, one of our wonderful neighbours has started a rainbow tree encouraging people to leave coloured stones whilst out on their daily walk.

rock painting

We solved the problem of the constant request for more food and built a snack shop. The smallest child is improving his understanding of money and loving being in control of the chocolate!

The younger two kids enjoyed a scavenger hunt organised virtually by their super Cub leader. They ran around the house finding 25 random objects, which I then had to put back in their rightful homes! It was so nice to hear them giggling away with their friends, all on Zoom together.

We have watched the Royal Ballet School’s Peter and the Wolf, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s live streaming of Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat, and really enjoyed the English Game series on Netflix.

It has been good to reconnect as a family without the stresses and strains of normal life. Next week won’t be so relaxed as I will be working whilst trying to keep the kids entertained, but lets hope the weather stays nice so that they can continue to play in the garden.

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