Lockdown – Week 7

coloured VE Day bunting

Like for many, lockdown has become to take its toll on us – I am finding it harder to keep the kids interested in their virtual schooling and we have started to irritate each other. Seven weeks at home is a long time for us as a family who were previously always so busy dashing from activity to activity. However, we have made the most of quality family time when we can. We have been going for daily walks and feel lucky to have such nice surroundings to be able to walk easily.

The two youngest camped in the front room and by all accounts seemed to actually sleep.

den building

I have tried to encourage the children to cook their favourite dishes and my daughter successfully made lasagne and my youngest son made Chinese chicken and rice and then ate three portions as he liked it so much.

My ballet obsessed daughter made some very tasty chocolate dipped strawberries made to look like ballet shoes.

stratwberry ballet shoes

My youngest son has been making lots of movies with I-movie so I suggested he made one with the Positively Putney photos. After discussion about music licensing rules, his sister agreed to accompany the photos on her flute. Click here to watch their film.

Last week we amended the school work to focus on learning about World War II which my youngest son really enjoyed. The BBC Bitesize videos kept him busy for about two hours. On Friday we had a social distancing VE Day party with our neighbours and it was lovely to speak to other adults about normal everyday life again.

Alongside entertaining the kids, I am supporting businesses with a variety of requests, and working on the recovery plan for Putney looking at a range of health and safety measures that are required to ensure that people can visit Putney safely in anticipation of businesses being able to reopen. I am waiting patiently for the Prime Minister’s announcement this evening – whether businesses can start to reopen and whether schools are going back. Keep smiling and stay safe.

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