National Refill Day

Today, 27th September marks the first ever National Refill Day! Refill London are wanting to change the narrative on everyone carrying a reusable bottle with them to become the new norm. They want to make sure that everyone, wherever they may be, to know how easy it is to find and refill with free, quality tap water. It is a campaign trying to tackle plastic pollution and reducing the amount of plastic that reaches the River Thames and then our oceans, by having businesses becoming refill stations for us to fill up on free water. The more noise we all make about refilling our plastic, reusable bottles, the more businesses will hear about it and want to become a refill station!

Did you know that a million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute? This number is set to increase a further 20% by 2021! At the moment under half of the billions of plastic bottles bought each year are recycled and 700,000 are littered every single day. Find out more about we can all individually help reduce plastic going into the Thames and polluting the rest of our environment in other ways through the FFS London campaign Positively Putney, Wandsworth Council and London Port Authority are sponsoring here.

So how could you get involved in such a great campaign like Refill London? Well first, tell everyone that you refill your own bottle. Make sure you share pictures of you, your reusable bottle and why you say NO to single use plastics by tagging #RefillRevolution and #PositivelyPutney. You can also download the app, and sign your business up as a Refill Station to make tap water even more accessible.

But most importantly, use your bottle when you are out and about – we are lucky to have some of the best quality tap water in the world provided by Thames Water in London. Check out all of our Refill Stations through our Putney business directory, many local business in the area are already involved in the Refill London campaign.

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