Positive Changes Are Out Of This World With Mr Benn

Mr Benn as an astronaut in Putney

Positive Changes Are Out Of This World With Mr Benn

It’s no secret that Mr Benn is a charitable man. Everywhere he goes, be it a king’s palace or outer space, he leaves people happier and living in a better, more helpful community. He takes inspiration from his home town of Putney and helps share its values and assisting those who need it.

On one of Mr Benn’s adventures, he actually became an astronaut and travelled the stars. He visited different planets and met the people who lived there. On one planet they were all very poor, on the next there was no colour and on another it was very, very loud! But on each planet Mr Benn saw that the people all needed different things.

Putney is home to several charity shops and not-for-profit organisations, including Positively Putney. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in stores or lend a hand with local fellowships. Take a look at the full list of Putney’s not-for-profit organisations below. Mr Benn would be proud of you for helping out!

Charity Shops and Not-For-Profit Organisations:

British Heart Foundation
Cancer Research UK
Positively Putney
Putney Arts Theatre
Putney Library
Putney Pantry
Putney Rotary Club
Putney Society
Putney Towpath Group
Royal Trinity Hospice
St Christopher’s Fellowship
Wandsworth Oasis

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