Positively Putney is one year old.

This April, Positively Putney celebrates our first birthday We have had a busy year of promoting Putney, helping Putney remain productive and keeping Putney looking pristine.

After a successful ballot last year, Positively Putney got straight to work improving Putney’s online presence. We worked hard to create Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels to interact and promote businesses within the BID boundary. We have received positive feedback because of our engaging social media channels from loyal local residents and visitors. Positively Putney also created a brand-new website to promote Putney and all the businesses within the BID. Our fun and interactive website includes an extensive directory of the businesses within the Putney BID for residents, employees and visitors to explore. Our map makes it easy to navigate around Putney and the business descriptions help consumers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Positively Putney launched our website at our Putney River Life Funday on the 9th September. As well as providing a perfect spot to watch the Great River Race, this day provided food, fun and entertainment for everyone.

We have deep cleaned the high street pavement with a pressure washer and removed the chewing gum along the High Street and Upper Richmond Road. This made Putney look welcoming and clean for visitors, shoppers, workers and locals as soon as they enter Putney.

At Christmas, Positively Putney hosted our Christmas event in Church Square where we were joined by lots of local performing arts groups on the stage. We feel that these events help to bring the community together and promote Putney, increasing footfall for local businesses. At Christmas time, the Positively Putney team also decorated Upper Richmond Road with festive Christmas trees and lights.

More recently, Positively Putney hosted Church Square street foods and live music on Boat Race Day. Local businesses decorated Putney with bright yellow bunting to celebrate Putney being the home of rowing.

Over the past year the BID has been lucky to have various ambassadors who patrol Putney reporting damages and helping the public with directions. Our ambassadors have regularly visited businesses all year round to support them.

After an exciting year, Positively Putney is looking forward to year two.


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