Putney is ‘Buzzing’

Innovative and sustainable group – Api:Culture – has teamed up with Nando’s Putney to address pollinator challenges and to create locally produced honey products, including chilli jam and honey beer.

Api:Culture are all about working together with bees to create a healthy ecosystem for both society and pollinators. Did you know that bees, as well as other pollinators, struggle in our current environment? This is due to a changing climate and poor beekeeping practices, to name a few reasons. Nando’s, too, have strong environmental ethics and values towards sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Although they are already a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, Nando’s began working with Api:Culture back in 2015, as all the main ingredients in some of your favourite Nando’s orders rely upon bees, from the herbs to the high welfare chicken.

When planning how to give back to the bees, Api:Culture and Nando’s decided on installing a hive at their head office on Upper Richmond Road and the planting of forage. Api:Culture make weekly visits to the installed hive at Nando’s head office between April and August, to ensure that the bees remain healthy and do not cause any issues to neighbours.

After many years of success, Api:Culture and Nando’s have now produce a new and exciting product with the honey – Honey Beer. This is set to feature in selected restaurants in the UK and in their mobile kitchen which you will find at pop-up events and festivals.

We are thrilled to learn about this fantastic project in the heart of Putney. We hope that projects such as this can influence the impact on bee populations. What are your thoughts? Have you ever been a part of a project that has made a positive impact on the environment? Tweet us @putney_bid, we would love to know.

For more information on Api:Culture please visit their website: www.apicultural.co.uk

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