Safer Putney – Be Kind

We have been working hard over the last few weeks to make sure that Putney town centre continues to be a safe environment to visit and shop when more retail businesses open from Monday 15th June.

Our contractor Community Clean have been cleaning street furniture and areas that people are most likely to touch. We would not claim they have totally disinfected Putney but they have done a good job.

Nicola Grant, Executive Director has undertaken a COVID-19 Crowd Risk Management certified e-learning course and has been assisting businesses to help them with their plans to safely reopen. All businesses have undertaken a COVID_19 risk assessment to ensure that they have taken all necessary measures to keep their staff and their customers safe. This involves minimising customer to customer interaction, customer to staff interaction aswell as customer to goods interaction. Shopping is not going to be quite the experience it once was, touching goods will be kept to a minimum to reduce the risk of the virus being transmitted. All businesse will be limiting the number of people they can allow in their store at a time and this depends on how big the premises are. All businesses will ask customers to use hand sanitiser as they enter. Most businesses will ask that you pay by contactless card rather than cash.

This is a new experience for all of us so we ask that you please be kind and patient. If you do have to queue to go into a shop then please do so respectfully to others. We have installed floor stickers along Putney High Street to help with the social distancing and will be doing the rest of Putney as soon as the rain holds off!

It has not been an easy 12 weeks for all of these businesses. Some are very excited about opening and some are nervous. Please be patient with the staff whilst they work out how to make their business work in these new circumstances. Thank you for supporting Putney businesses, we are delighted to welcome you back.

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