We work hard with our businesses encouraging them to look into their own sustainability practices and maybe this is what motivates you to support a business. Do they track greenhouse gas emissions and those of their suppliers? Are they reducing waste, and recycling where possible?

As an organisation we have always had sustainability high on our agenda and looking at ways we can incorporate best practices. This year we’ve paid for two parklets to be installed within the town centre – which provides much required greening, which helps improve air quality, and encourages wildlife.

Felsham Road Parklet – installed as part of Wandsworth Council High Street Improvements Project.

In 2019, we took the decision that no business could use single use plastics on Boat Race Day within Putney. We were the first event to try and implement such a policy across multiple businesses. It took a certain amount of buy in from some of the chain pubs, the independents were easier to persuade but with support we managed to make it happen. We believe we stopped 15,000 single use plastic cups being used and thrown away in just one day. The reusable cups were then used throughout the summer saving even more single use plastic consumption. In terms of finances – always important for a business the cost savings were multiple both in the cost of buying new cups, and also in the waste requiring collection. It did increase the dishwasher requirements but a small price to pay!

We have recently launched a project called Putney Pedals Recycling. Working with London Waste Recycling Board to overcome the issues that Putney businesses face with having their waste collected. It has three main aims:

  1. Improve air quality by reducing waste trucks on the street as we collect via electric bicycle and move to a consolidation point with just one truck coming into Putney at an uncongested time.
  2. Increase recycling rates as recycling steams are subsidised if businesses move across their general waste to us
  3. Reduce operational costs for the business

Sadly, lockdown 1 delayed our launch until September and lockdown 2 has now delayed us really get going, but we look forward to being able to report it as a success soon.

e-bike with Putney bridge

This was presented as part of the Wandsworth Climate Summit by Nicola Grant, Executive Director, Positively Putney on Thursday 19th November 2020. Click here to discover how shopping locally is better for the environment.

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