Tackling Plastic Pollution in Putney

Over the last 15 years, the consumption of bottled water has doubled in the UK. Of the 13 billion plastic bottles used each year an estimated 7.7 billion, or nearly 60%, are plastic water bottles.

Sadly, it’s been estimated that almost half of these bottles are NOT recycled and around 15 million plastic bottles are littered, landfilled or incinerated every day – ending up in our natural environment and flowing into our oceans.

We are delighted that so many businesses are aware of these shocking statistics and are playing their part in cutting plastic pollution. There are now a whopping 30,000 refill stations across the country. With this commitment it is estimated that it will stop over 100 million single-use bottles from becoming waste by the end of this year.

We are pleased that many shops and businesses in Putney town centre have already joined the scheme. Participating businesses have ‘refill’ stickers in their windows letting people know they are offering free tap water. You can also find out what businesses are involved by downloading the app.

Nicola Grant, Executive Director of Positively Putney, is thrilled with the amount of businesses involved: “I’m so proud of the Putney businesses who have shown their strong commitment to the campaign and I hope even more businesses sign up this year. It’s a great way to increase footfall, help protect our planet and it can help businesses get involved with their local community. It’s a win win.”

Let’s share this news and encourage more people to use their reusable bottle. Tell everyone that you refill your own bottle and share pictures of you, your reusable bottle and why you say NO to single use plastics by tagging #RefillRevolution and #PositivelyPutney.

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