Year 4 home schooling topic for Nicola Grant, Positively Putney Executive Director’s son is teeth. In his English lessons he is writing a fact file about teeth, in his science lesson he is learning how to keep teeth healthy and about foods that are bad for you teeth. To see how well they were brushing their teeth they all had to try a disclosing tablet. Nicola’s son refused so she had to do it instead. Don’t worry this photo was taken before she rinsed she is not really that bad at cleaning her teeth! How is home schooling going in your house? Quite a challenge to manage it alongside a full time job!

We have many wonderful dentists in Putney. During this current lockdown the Government have allowed dentists to stay open (unlike in lockdown 1 when they had to close). Have you had your six monthly check up? With every day blurring into the same is hard to remember where the time is going.

Dentists within Positively Putney BID include:

Alkali Dental Studios

Century Dental Clinic

Oasis Dental Care

Perfect Smile Associates

Putney Hill Dental Practice

The Dentist

All dentists have added extra precautions to make sure you and they are kept safe during this pandemic.

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