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I cannot stress how significant Putney Library is to me; it has been close enough to life changing for many reasons. I have used it on numerous occasions over the last three years as I have difficulties working in noisy environments and I cannot manage with coffee shops either. However, the library is also important to many individuals in Putney apart from me, such as the elderly, the homeless, mothers with young children, young people and working professionals. I have often struggled to find a place to sit or to get a computer as they are frequently in use, perhaps the library could install more? The library has upgraded their computers, which is a great initiative and also have purchased tablets that can be borrowed.

Putney is close to my heart; it is my community and I am so proud of the city where I live. It feels perfect, a well-balanced amalgamation of a suburban and a cosmopolitan city. I think Putney library does have tremendous character, architecturally its wide and church like features make it capacious and well lit. According to Google reviews of customers, many say that Putney library has great staff, who are willing to go to an extra mile, I completely agree. I have found the staff at Putney library to be friendly, considerate, and passionate about their work. A few reviewers also praised the children’s section and the library’s proximity to the high street. Negative reviews tended to focus on the study space upstairs being neglected and unclean.

Watch this video of the wonderful literary character art installed in the children’s library just before lockdown.

With respect to my initial point, a library means so many things to a person; it provides a shelter, a community, a safe space, a place to rewind, relax and for many a place of growth, to read and learn more.

Therefore I was delighted to hear that a library upgrade has been included in the Wandsworth Council application for Putney in the Future High Streets Fund. The Council is developing a new Strategy for its Libraries which seeks to develop the primary library facilities into multi-purpose hubs using an increased range of activities, including a cafe and increased flexible and affordable workspaces for local people. It really would be great for the Putney community if this application is successful. Decisions are to be made later this year.

I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions, so please do email them to marketing@positivelyputney.co.uk and I hope to answer you soon.

Shree Iyengar (Marketing and Admin Intern for Positively Putney)

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