Trade Waste

Every business is legally required to dispose of their waste with a registered company. Positively Putney BID are in the process of tendering for  a new supplier to provide cheaper, more convenient trade waste deals to the businesses of Putney. This will be launched in January 2020.

Positively Putney had joined forces with City and Suburban Waste services to offer cheaper trade waste deals to the businesses of Putney and these continue to be available at the moment.

City and Suburban Waste Services is an independent, family-owned business. They operate within the council time bands for trade waste collection between 9.00-11.00 am and 9.00-11.00 pm for both sack and wheelie bin services. The revised European Waste Directive states that from the 1st January all businesses should be separating their recyclables for collection. They will offer a discount of 20% to all BID members who sign up for a mixed recycling service. Offers are also available on a range of other services including food recycling, general waste, confidential shredding, white good and electrical items. They take the waste to produce green energy, so it’s good for the planet and it’s good for your business.

The discounted prices are:

  • 5KG dry mixed recycling sack = £0.96
  • 5KG glass recycling sack = £0.92
  • Cardboard recycling sticker = £0.80

Even better, fewer lorries collecting waste will help traffic congestion and the impact on air quality.

For more information on City and Suburban Waste services, visit

Or contact:

T: 020 8642 4762

And remember to mention you are a Positively Putney member.

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