Wellbeing Week – Build Mental & Emotional Resilience during COVID19 and beyond!

  • Location: Zoom Video Webinar
  • Date: May 18, 2020
    Time: 15:00

Managing our mental & emotional Resilience is paramount in these unprecedented times.

About this Event

It has been a fast paced few weeks with many companies doing an incredible job of digitally transforming their business and what they do in a very short time, setting up collaborations and really pivoting, some a full 360 degrees!

As companies continue to navigate these unprecedented times and adopt new ways of working, all are looking for innovation and agility whilst adopting new ideas to keep company culture alive. 

If you are a CEO, MD, FD, HR lead or team manager looking for ways to activate connection, accountability and productivity for the health of your business and employees, then this session is for you!

Life can sometimes, as it does now feel overwhelming and stressful….but it doesn’t have to… when you create and maintain a quality mind it enables you to live the stress free, happy and fulfilled life you dream of and sometimes think is unattainable.

During this session we will be sharing information and tools on how we can better manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

“Happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of living; it is not something to be achieved, it is something to be experienced.” Steve Maraboli

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Is this session for me?

If you feel you are capable of more, and you want to overcome the personal challenges and/or unproductive habits that are holding you back, then this session is for you.

• Remove fears, doubt and anxiety

• Respond better to pressure;

• Reduce negative thought patterns and/ self- perceptions;

• Reconnect with your purpose and passion

• Improve your health, wealth and relationships

In this session for you will:

✅ Uncover the “two voices in your head” and which one is tripping you up

✅ Learn about the 6 stages of thought

✅ Complete your own life wheel assessment to understand what’s creating your bumpy ride.

✅ Gain insight on how you can better manage your mental and emotional resilience and increase you immunity

✅ The scientific benefits of mindfulness and meditation

Adele Hartland leads this webinar. Adele owns and runs Lacuna Coaching, who has collaborated with Putney’s Metro Bank & helped businesses employees and individuals grow and thrive. As a certified Engage & Grow coach, qualified Change Management Practitioner, certified DISC and Motivators practitioner, and Mind Mentor, Adele has the tools, knowledge and experience to help educate, inspire and support professionals to become true leaders who inspire their teams.

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