Wellbeing Week – Eating for Energy with Pandora

  • Location: Facebook Live Stream
  • Date: May 21, 2020
    Time: 16:00

Ever wondered when eating became so stressful and confusing? You’re not alone…

With the current situation keeping us all indoors and with less happening in the days to distract us from snacking, staying healthy can prove to be challenging. Motivation to stay active and eat well seems far more difficult as our energy levels are at an all time low. In this talk, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach Pandora Ind will be chatting with Énergie Fitness head coach Ben KeyStone about how to sustain a long term, rewarding eating habit. 

You will discover : 

Tricks to reenergise the body and lose weight sustainably and healthily. 

Strategies to help you to identify your own destructive eating habits and put an end to negative cycles.

Clearing up some of the confusion around the latest diets trends, such as Keto, paleo and more..

Ways to arm yourself against destructive diet marketing so that you can maintain control over your body.

The importance of understanding quality calories and why calorie counting may not be the answer it promised to be.

Plus, when you tune in during Wellness Week, access two of Pandora’s expert nutrition guides free of charge, designed to help kickstart your weight loss journey and guaranteed to help you take control of your health!

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