Wellbeing Week – Mindfulness during COVID19

  • Location: Video
  • Date: May 18, 2020

Me Coronavirus and Mindfulness
It may be difficult for some of us to meditate during these extraordinary times.
I found that when I was ill, it was not easy to practice the longer meditations. My focus was not good, my attention wandered much more than usual.  When you are ill this is normal as your brain can become foggy. Lots of meditation styles tend to focus on the breath as the anchor for our attention. There is nothing wrong with this. But for those of us with Coronavirus symptoms or suffering from asthma or feeling anxious, focusing on the breath may not be so helpful. An alternative anchor for our attention is to use the feet, the hands or some other part.  This may be more supportive and more grounding than the breath.

You can read Fiona’s blog post about her experience here: https://medium.com/@fiona_11086/feeling-better-b4b6392d5d72?source=friends_link&sk=fe94a84095f871ad8b31375b5ec747e6

Fiona Worthington
Fiona enjoyed a long career in investment banking. Retraining in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and EMDR, Fiona practices at the Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy. “For most of my life I have been curious as to how and why we think the way we do. If we can change our thinking, we can change how we feel” As we are all different, I use different disciplines. I believe no one size fits all”
Fiona is currently training to be a mindfulness teacher with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

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