Welcome to Putney: Complete Yoga Studio

Situated above Gail’s Bakery on Lacy Road, we are delighted to welcome Complete Yoga Studio to Putney. This petite but beautifully designed studio offers everyone the chance to experience a great class. 

Whether you’re a keen student or a stressed-out executive, let a little yoga into your life and you’ll begin to feel its expansive powers on a daily basis.

Complete Yoga Studio Ethos

Be balanced
They teach the yoga concept of Sattva – the state of harmonious balance. Their yoga teaching is designed to help you achieve that much-needed state of equilibrium in your physical body, your emotions and your life.

Be authentic
They have taken yoga back to its roots. Their teachers have been chosen for their dedication and skills and their classes are based around the simple and pure teachings of hatha yoga. 

Be personal
Their students receive all the personal attention they need to help them improve. That’s why you won’t find large, cramped, impersonal classes. Their teachers need space to move around and adjust – and you need space to breathe. 

Founder, Anushree Puri, welcomes you to step in, take a few deep breaths, relax, stretch, rejuvenate, make new friends and share ideas: “We’re ultimately all on the same path of learning how to live a long, fulfilling and healthy life. Complete Yoga is the place where your journey can begin.”

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