Wellbeing Week 18-24th May

We’re thrilled to announce Wellbeing Week for Positively Putney. Through the week 18th – 24th May we’ll have experts discussing ways to help your wellbeing whilst you work from home & cope working in lockdown, plus physical & mindful sessions for BID members to help reduce stress, increase engagement & activity.

Wellbeing is a combination of looking after your mental health & your physical health & body. It’s the experience of health, happiness & prosperity literally ‘well-being’ is feeling all rounded well. However for many people it’s hard to increase your wellbeing without knowing how, and in the current crisis it’s been even harder to keep working on wellbeing during times of immense stress & worry. So we’ve teamed up with various experts as well as businesses in Putney who promote wellbeing to bring you tips and skills you can use immediately in your lives now & ongoing, which can help you improve your wellbeing & others.

We want everyone to be able to interact & participate in these sessions, therefore if you’re working, furloughed, a resident working from home in Putney or anyone based in Putney who wants to join in socially please do!

We hope this week helps people to think more on their own wellbeing as well as their colleagues, family and friends’ wellbeing.

Stay safe everyone.

Here is a link from NHS that offers advice for your mental wellbeing during #stayathome https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/every-mind-matters/coronavirus-covid-19-staying-at-home-tips/

Programme announced so far: http://positivelyputney.co.uk/training-events/

18th May

11.30am Design for Wellbeing

Ben Channon, Wellbeing expert at Assael Architects in Putney discusses ways to make your working environment at home more in tune to promote your personal wellbeing. You can ask your questions about how to make your space work for you.

3pm Build Mental & Emotional Resilience during COVID19 and beyond!

Life can sometimes, as it does now feel overwhelming and stressful….but it doesn’t have to… when you create and maintain a quality mind it enables you to live the stress free, happy and fulfilled life you dream of and sometimes think is unattainable.

During this session, Adele Hartland, CEO and founder of Launa Coaching Ltd will be sharing information and tools on how we can better manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

19th May

1pm Yin Yoga lunchtime session.

Cherie at Putney Clinic leads a 30 minute Yin Yoga class that helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. No equipment necessary, all you need is cushions & a blanket, sounds cosy!

2.30pm Overcoming concerns & looking your best on video calls.

Anyone else get anxious with the numerous video calls coming in during lockdown? Or are you wanting to video chat with family & friends but not sure how? Video call expert Rob Double chats through how to make webinar and video chats pain and stress free in his 40 minute session.

20th May

11am Mobility Class

Crossfit Putney leads a 30 minute mobility class designed to improve flexibility & improve mobility whilst we’re not moving around quite as much as we normally do!

1pm Movement is Medicine

Clive from Putney Clinic gives tips and advice on how to improve your posture and physical wellbeing whilst working from home.

21st May

10am Printmaking Taster Class

Putney School of Art & Design hold a class on printmaking. This class only requires minimal equipment using items found around the home. For anyone who wants to get creative and try a new skill! (fee applicable)

12pm Sweat class at home

Putney’s Crossfit team will lead a half hour workout designed to get you moving and get your sweat on!

4pm Eating for Energy with Pandora

With the current situation keeping us all indoors and with less happening in the days to distract us from snacking, staying healthy can prove to be challenging. Motivation to stay active and eat well seems far more difficult as our energy levels are at an all time low. In this talk, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach Pandora Ind will be chatting with Énergie Fitness head coach Ben KeyStone about how to sustain a long term, rewarding eating habit. 

22nd May

2.30pm Stretch & Relax with Ben

So much of exercise is focused on pushing your body to the limit, grinding out that extra rep, knocking seconds off your time, lifting heavier and heavier. With this class we look at the other side, the self care side. Get in touch with your body, feel your muscles moving, control your breath. Move through a gentle flow, stretching and loosening the muscles, breathing and tuning into the body, and most importantly accepting that not everything has to be about breaking a sweat and feeling the burn. Sometimes it’s nice just to move slowly…

3pm Activate Connection, Accountability and Productivity during COVID-19 & beyond

Are you a CEO, MD, FD, HR lead or team manager looking to activate connection, accountability and productivity for the health of your business and employees? As business leaders it is critical to engage your teams to give them purpose and allow you all to make some discoveries along the way. With an energised and engaged workforce, your company will be a high performing, fun place to work, with a winning “WE” mentality which will attract and retain both the people and the customers you want. It’s never too late to challenge the culture that exists and start creating a new one!

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