Business Improvement Districts have been operating across the UK for over a decade, with the first BID starting in January 2005. There are over 270 BIDs set up around the UK, with over 50 being in London alone. Local successful BIDs include Love Wimbledon and Kingston First.

A BID is created when businesses in the BID area vote on a business plan which is tailored to respond to the needs of the businesses. This can typically include a safe and clean agenda, marketing, and business support. The formal ballot is open for 28 days and every business is given the opportunity to vote via a ballot paper. For a BID ballot to be successful it must be won on two counts:

  • A straight majority by the number of those voting.
  • A majority in the Rateable Value of those voting.

A BID term is typically for five years and then businesses go back to ballot based on a new business plan.

The BID was first established in Canada and the United States in the 1960s but has since expanded rapidly, existing globally in South Africa, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

In November 2016, 76% of businesses by number, 73% of businesses by rateable value with a 39% turn out voted for Putney to become a Business Improvement District. The Positively Putney Business Improvement District became operational in April 2017.

Positively Putney is funded by 409 businesses paying a small levy based on the rateable value of their property. This will achieve an investment of £1.4 million over the next five years.  This money will be spent within the BID boundary on the goals laid out by the business plan. Projects and services must be additional to those provided by the local authority. It does not fund services already in place.

The BID team

Nicola Grant – Executive Director

Nicola Grant, born and bred in Wandsworth, has always enjoyed spending time in Putney. She has worked in regenerating town centres for nearly twenty years and is a fellow of the Institute of Place Management. Nicola led the BID development during 2016 and was appointed as the Executive Director for the Putney BID Company. Nicola is responsible for ensuring the BID objectives are delivered.

Anna Haigh – Business Liaison Manager

Anna is here to provide support and advocate for all BID businesses. Whether that’s helping get the right contact with Wandsworth Council, providing assistance on all things Pristine Putney or discussing an upcoming training day, Anna is your on hand person to help support you day-to-day and help you get the most out of the BID. Anna has known Putney as a punter for over 8 years and can provide customer insights on the local area on the other side of the till. Anna's passion is in the Environmental and Sustainability sector - she is here for all your ideas and queries on how Putney can become more eco-friendly.

Rex and David, Waste and Education Officers

Rex Baker and David Woon both work part-time as Waste and Education Officers on our Putney Pedals Recycling Scheme. They collect the trade waste from BID business premises using our electric bicycles and take it to our consolidation site where it is picked up by our contractor Paper Round. They are both very keen cyclists, and proactive recyclers.

BID Board of Directors

BID stands for Business Improvement District, a business-led, business-funded partnership defined by a geographical location, which strives to improve the local area for the benefit of businesses, shoppers and visitors.

Henry Unwin – Nando’s UK

Henry is the Chair of Positively Putney Board of Directors. Henry has worked in Putney since 2016 as Head of Sustainability at Nando’s HQ. Henry has worked in sustainability for over a decade, his initial passion for the environment was sparked by his childhood growing up on an organic farm in Cumbria. Henry is responsible for setting and leading the sustainability agenda for the UK and Ireland business.  Since Henry joined Nando’s the carbon footprint of the average meal has reduced by 40% .   Whilst not at work Henry is usually walking, running, cycling, skiing, sailing, wild camping or enjoying a local ale!

Ellie Evans – Volterra

Ellie is a partner at Volterra Partners, an economic consultancy based on Putney High Street. Volterra analyse the economic impact of transport and development projects. Ellie has led several recent projects which have looked at the economic importance of BID areas.

Donall Murphy – Russell Cooke

Donald is a partner in the conveyancing team at Russell Cooke, which is situated close to Putney railway station. Russell Cooke moved to Putney after the second world war in 1958 and has been an important presence in the High Street ever since.

Anthony Hicks – Metro Bank

Anthony is the Local Director for the Putney branch. Metro Bank love getting involved in the local area. From community events to setting up business networking sessions, and Anthony likes to lead on them. Metro Bank is ideally located to ensure that Putney High Street is represented on the Board.

Chris Carey – The Bakehouse

Chris is the co-owner of the Bakehouse on Upper Richmond Road. Chris is passionate about local businesses working together to benefit each other. Chris in a unique position as he hears the everyday experiences of local businesses in his interaction with owners as they buy their morning bread and coffee.

Anne Partridge – Putney Exchange Shopping Centre Manager

Anne is the manager for the Putney Exchange shopping centre and sat on the Putney Partnership Board before the BID Board. She helped get the positive ballot vote by actively encouraging the shopping centre tenants to vote for it. Anne’s position in the Putney Exchange gives her first-hand insight into the ways in which businesses, shoppers and visitors interact every day.

Cllr Jonathan Cook – Wandsworth Council

Councillor Cook sits on the board of Directors on behalf of Wandsworth Council. Councillor Cook is the Wandsworth Council Cabinet Member for Communications.

Shweta Razdan – Kashmir

Shweta, with her husband is the owner of the only Kashmiri restaurant in England.  Located on Lacy Road, it is a fine neighbourhood restaurant. Shweta brings the perspective of  a small independent operator to the Board meetings.

Veronika Wilson – Putney Arts Theatre

Veronika is part of the Putney Arts Theatre. The Theatre works closely with Putney families and young people as part of the local arts community. Veronika’s personal background has been within the arts and third sector areas. She is part of the steering committee for Wandsworth Arts Fringe, the borough wide annual fringe festival, and has an interest in the ways in which artistic intervention can help animate everyday space.

Judith Chegwidden – Putney Society

Judith sits on the Board as an observer, ensuring that the residents voice is heard. She has been a member of Putney Society for 30 years. From its inception in 1959, it has been proactive in protecting the built environment in Putney and, more recently, has been concerned with maintaining a balance between local employment and commercial space whilst adding to the housing stock. 

Metropolitan Police

The Thamesfield ward Safer Neighbourhood team, as well as Police licensing officers and Counter Terrorism officers work closely with the BID team to ensure Putney town centre remains safe. They will attend the BID Board meetings as necessary.

Lorinda Freint – Wandsworth Council

Lorinda Freint is the Business and Enterprise Manager within the Economic Development Office at Wandsworth Council. She attends the BID Board meetings as an observer.