A Whole World Ready to Explore With Mr Benn

Mr Benn dressed as a hunter outside Putney Wharf Tower

The last year or so might have been a little different from usual, but thankfully we love Putney so much that we didn’t mind spending a little more time there. In fact, Putney is Mr Benn’s favourite place to be – but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love a holiday.

Mr Benn loves visiting new places and experiencing different walks of life. With a little help from a certain costume shop, he has met royalty, travelled the skies and even befriended a dragon. Notably he persuaded a big-game hunter to stop harming animals and become a wildlife photographer instead. We are sure the former hunter had much more fun journeying across the globe taking photographs than he did before.

As much as we love Putney, we understand that others might want to visit other places from time to time. Although we can’t offer you an adventure through the magic door, there are several travel specialists and hotels in Putney who can help you plan your escapades abroad. Whether you are organising a trip abroad or a staycation in the UK, they are ready to assist you.

Travel Agents, Hotels and Travel Exchanges:
Powder Bryne
EuroWelcome Latin Travel
MK Hotels
Putney Hotel
Thomas Exchange Global

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