Allan Fuller Estate Agents

Allan Fuller Estate Agents is family run and owned since it’s set up in 1983. The bright yellow sunshine signage of Allan Fuller Estate Agents has been based in Putney since they opened, & Allan is also a resident of Putney. He tells us about what he loves most about Putney and his favourite places to visit.

Allan Fuller, Managing Director

Tell us about yourself, your business and why you chose Putney?

I have to say that Putney rather chose me, I had known the High Street from a small child as we lived close by, afternoon tea in Zesters was a real treat, older residents will remember it!

I took a job working for an estate agent here in 1978, my plan was to be there for 6 months as a stop gap in my career. It was a company called Sturgis and we had about 80% of the business in the Putney  area, there were only about 4 other agents none of which did much business.

I stayed 5 years and then I opened my own business in 1983. It was the best business decision I ever took and have thoroughly enjoyed building our company and serving Putney and the surrounding area.

What do you love most about Putney?

I just love Putney not only because for the business we have a massive variety of property to deal with but also because living here as well I enjoy all the area has to offer, walking the dogs on the Heath, the bustle of the river, variety of easy transport to central London, and we still have great shops and restaurants.

Allan Fuller Estate Agents has lovely bright premises on Upper Richmond Road, you may recognise their picture postcards of various South West locations, of course including Putney!

Which is the first hospitality business you will be heading to when we are able to socialise again?

As soon as they open for outside dining I will be at Gazette for genuine French Bistro food, and Papa Negro’s for amazing Tapas.

A delicious main course from Gazette, next door to Allan Fullers
Pata Negra is a fantastic tapas restaurant also on Upper Richmond Road. Both restaurants will have al fresco outdoor seating, kindly given extra space by Allan Fuller & James Anderson Estate Agents

Which retailer will you visit when shops can reopen?

Morrows for their great range of men’s apparel and the best ever socks!

Morrows Outfitters on Putney High Street a fellow family run business

Describe Putney in 3 words

Best London Village!

How can people continue to support your business at the moment?

We are lucky in our industry to have been allowed to trade during the lockdowns, being family owned and run we have a real commitment to the people of Putney.  Whatever property needs people might have; we are here to help through the good times and now while adjust to a new normal. So we would say avoid the big chains with ever changing staff and come to us because our commitment to the town we love is absolute.

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