Be As Healthy as a (Knight’s) Horse

Mr Benn as the Red Knight outside a florist

In summer the sun comes out and the weather feels almost as hot as dragon fire. While we love being active outside during the warmer seasons you can risk sunburn if you forget to top up your sunblock. If you prefer exercising somewhere a bit shadier, you can feel the burn at the gym instead.

Mr Benn’s first adventure was as the Red Knight. He donned a suit of armour and rode a horse in his quest to help the king and the dragon. We are sure he had a very good workout while doing this. Even though costume armour is much lighter than real armour, horse riding is still a very good way to exercise.

In Putney, our gyms might not have any horses, but they can definitely help you reach your fitness goals. Using top-of-the-range equipment, there are local personal trainers, yoga instructors and health experts you can work with. 

Find the complete list of Putney’s workout studios, gyms and physiotherapists here:

Gyms, studios and physiotherapists:

Bodies Under Construction
Body & Brain Yoga and Taichi
CrossFit Putney
Daley Fitness
Energie Fitness Putney
Martial Fitness
Nutri PT Gym
Physit LTD
Pure Gym
The House of Yoga
The Pilates Room
The Putney Clinic

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