Do it Yourself at Home with Mr Benn

Caveman Mr Benn in Putney High Street

Adventures might happen anywhere, but it is always comforting to be able to return to your own place. Mr Benn loves his house on Festive Road and does his best to keep everything in working order.

During his many excursions through different places and time periods, Mr Benn has learned a lot – but he has also taught others valuable skills. When he dressed as a caveman, he taught the cave people how to build their own homes complete with grass roofs. They loved their new dwelling places much more than the caves!

Loving a house makes it home and sometimes a bit of DIY is what every home needs. We are not expecting you to be able to construct your own house, but maybe you want to renovate a few things yourself.

If you are thinking about installing some new shelves or giving a room a fresh lick of paint there is a selection of DIY and home stores in Putney who specialise in helping you spruce up your home. Whether you live in a flat or a house (or a cave!), they have the tools and know-how you need to fix up your space (And don’t worry – the tools they stock are far more advanced than the stone hammer Mr Benn brought back!).

Homeware Stores:
B&R Carpet
Brewers Decorator Centre
HSS Hire Alloway Putney
Leyland SDM
Melvin DV & Sons
New Putney Hardware
Putney Builders Merchants
Robert Dyas
Tool Station

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