Remedies and Wellness with Mr Benn

Mr Benn as a Zookeeper in Putney

Sometimes we don’t always feel out best. Headaches, sore throats, blocked noses – these things happen! And when they do we can struggle to get out of bed and do the things we want to do. 

Once, after a visit to the costume shop, Mr Benn became a zookeeper. He saw that the animals in the cages didn’t look well at all. He found out that the animals weren’t feeling happy because they did not have enough space. Mr Benn told this to the zoo’s visitors and together they worked out exactly what to prescribe – more space for the animals to play in!

If you are not feeling like your usual self, there are several doctors, pharmacies and wellness shops in Putney that can help you. Whether you have a twinge in your joints or want to get your annual flu jab, Putney’s experienced health and wellbeing businesses are ready to get you back to top condition. Have a look at our list of health specialists below.

Doctors, Pharmacies, Physiotherapists and Wellness Shops:

Alkali Dental Studios
Eastern Natural Care
Heathbridge Practice
Holland & Barrett
Husbands Pharmacy
Oasis Dental Care
Oriental Healthcare
Parkside Hospital
Paydens Pharmacy
Perfect Smile Associates
Physit LTD
Putney Hill Dental Practice
Putney Pharmacy
Putneymead Medical Group Practice
Re:treat Medispa
The Cullen Dental Practice
The Dentist
The Putney Clinic
Vision Express

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