Talking Treasure – Working Together To Help You

Mr Benn as a Pirate in front of Putney Bridge

We know that discussing finances can lead to some stormy conversations. Because people try not to talk about money, it can sometimes feel like you and your finances are stranded on a desert island. Sometimes, you need a little friendly help to get things sorted.

Mr Benn can relate – when he had his adventure on a pirate ship, he met a crew of pirates who were too afraid to tell their captain that they didn’t care about treasure as much as he did. Eventually, Mr Benn helped the Pirate Captain realise that helping others and making friends is actually a far better treasure than gold doubloons. Instead of hoarding their wealth, they planted trees which they nurtured together.

In Putney, there are several banks, building societies and post offices who have very friendly crews to help you manage your finances. Not only can they help keep your doubloons* safe, they can also help you save up, govern your accounts and advise you on how best to handle your treasure. They are ready to share their knowledge and experience to help you reach your financial goals. 

Take a look at Putney’s local banks and other financial services:

Banks and Financial Services:
Lloyds Bank
Metro Bank
Royal Mail Post Office

Can you find where the Mr Benn pirate is in Putney?

*your doubloons should be doubloons you have earned. Not doubloons stolen from rival pirates. Positively Putney and Mr Benn do not condone acts of piracy. 

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