Veganuary – Dining out Made Easy in Putney

The Veganuary challenge doesn’t have to be difficult! If you’re trying a vegan diet or are permanently plant-based, Putney has a lot to offer (and no, it’s not all tofu!).

People choose to follow a vegan diet for several different reasons. Aside from the health benefits, such as lowering high blood sugar, of cutting down on the amount of meat and animal products we consume, there are certain aspects of a Vegan diet that are more sustainable.

Many big national favourites also now cater to vegans, including popular fast-food venues. Wagamama’s dishes are now 50% plant based, while Pret A Manger and Wasabi have healthy-sized selection of lighter meals for those on the go. Traditional ‘meatier’ places such as Nando’s, McDonald’s and KFC now also provide delicious meat-substitutes for those wanting to try something different. You can also opt for vegan cheese on pizza at Franco Manca and Pizza Express, as well as seeing the wonderful range of handmade vegan treats, sandwiches and snacks available in Putney’s independent cafes.

Whatever your reason for trying vegan dishes, there are plenty of options for you in Putney. Take a look at Putney’s restaurants and cafes and plan what you would like to try next.

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