Positively Putney Business Improvement District (BID) has been in operation since April 2017, starting its second term in April 2022 and is a non-for-profit organisation with the aim of improving the trading conditions for the businesses who contribute a BID levy. Positively Putney BID is business-led and business-funded, working to improve and promote Putney town centre as a place to live, work, visit and invest.

A BID is created when businesses in the BID area vote on a business plan which is tailored to respond to the needs of the businesses. This can typically include a safe and clean agenda, marketing, and business support. The formal ballot is open for 28 days and every business is given the opportunity to vote via a ballot paper. For a BID ballot to be successful it must be won on two counts:

  • A straight majority by the number of those voting.
  • A majority in the Rateable Value of those voting.

In November 2021, 396 businesses within Putney town centre were balloted, and 204 ballot papers returned. 85% of businesses by number, 93% of businesses by aggregate rateable value with a 52% turn out voted for Positively Putney to continue for a second term. The BID2 term started on 1st April 2022.

In November 2016, 407 businesses within Putney town centre were balloted, and 147 ballot papers returned. 75% of businesses by number, 74% of businesses by aggregate rateable value with a 39% turn out voted for Putney to become a Business Improvement District. Therefore, Positively Putney Business Improvement District became operational in April 2017.

Positively Putney is funded by businesses paying a small levy based on the rateable value of their property. This will achieve an investment of £1.6 million over the five years from 2022 to 2027.  This money will be spent within the BID boundary on the goals laid out by the business plan. Projects and services must be additional to those provided by the local authority. It does not fund services already in place.

Positively Putney BID is the trading name for Putney BIDCo Ltd, a limited Company Registration No. 10231689 and operates under The Business Improvement Districts (England) Regulations 2004.

Business Improvement Districts have been operating across the UK for over a decade, with the first BID starting in January 2005. There are over 270 BIDs set up around the UK, with over 50 being in London alone. Local successful BIDs include Love Wimbledon and Kingston First. A BID term is typically for five years and then businesses go back to ballot based on a new business plan. The BID was first established in Canada and the United States in the 1960s but has since expanded rapidly, existing globally in South Africa, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

To allow us to learn and share best practice Positively Putney BID is an active member of the following industry bodies and organisations.