Tackling Crime in Putney

In early November, we teamed up with TM Eye to assist our retailers in addressing the surge in shoplifting leading up to Christmas. They’ve achieved notable success in apprehending and prosecuting prolific offenders, particularly in areas like Epsom and Richmond, where substantial reductions in crime and an increase in offender prosecutions have been observed.

The team conducts patrols in plain clothes, promptly responding to alerts raised by shops. They actively pursue private prosecution for high-value items and issue banning notices to deter offenders from returning to the area. This initiative has prompted a significant increase in intelligence-sharing among retailers throughout the project. As a result, employees are more informed about prolific offenders, actively supporting one another by raising alerts when an offender is present in the area.

So far, TM Eye have successfully detained 19 individuals for shoplifting and recovered over £1500 worth of items back to store.

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