Air Quality

It is a well-known fact that Putney has poor air quality. To make Putney a more desirable town to visit, Positively Putney is working hard alongside central Government, Wandsworth Council, the Mayor for London and Transport for London to improve the quality of air in the town centre.

To encourage people to walk or cycle to work instead of using cars, we have produced Putney Cycling Guide which covers all the issues to make cycling to work a possibility.

Putney Cycling Guide


Positively Putney are also working to improve traffic flow through Putney by monitoring traffic lights and other obstacles, as well as encouraging drivers to switch off their engines when waiting at traffic lights. These methods ensure that Putney’s employees, shoppers, visitors and locals can breathe healthier and cleaner air.

In 2020, Positively Putney worked with Wandsworth Council to install parklets along Putney High Street. Aside from providing greenery to the High Street, they also allow locals to rest, eat their lunch and watch the world go by. We also installed a green ivy wall to improve the look of the area and improve air quality.