APOLOGIA at Putney Arts Theatre

Tuesday 17th – Saturday 21st October

Studio: 7.45pm

Matinee, Saturday 21st October, 3pm

“You were never there. I have to tell you now that the thing I remember most about you is your absence…”

Kristen Miller is a celebrated art historian and political activist whose anticipated memoir has recently hit book store selves. On the night of her birthday, both her sons and their respective partners are on their way to her house to celebrate. With her memoir having failed to even mention the fact she had any children, Kristen is about to face some harsh truths as her chickens come home to roost. Never one to shy away from her own version of integrity, tensions are rising rapidly to the surface as everyone bares their version of the past.

Alexi Kaye Campbell’s Apologia is a powerful truthful family drama that delves into how the past can shape the present and examines the sacrifices we are willing to make to fight for what we believe in, no matter how it impacts the ones we love.