Arm Balances & Inversions Workshop at The House of Yoga

Do you want to challenge yourself and face your fears? Do you want to experience a breakthrough?

In this fun and interactive workshop you will will get the opportunity to break down the fun practice of arm balances and inversions.

Come and learn techniques that will allow you to fly into crow with ease and give you the courage to turn your life upside down in a headstand.

Suitable for all levels, you will walk away with new insights into the more basic arm balances and inversions or those trickier poses such as handstands, scorpion and tripod headstand.

A great workshop to connect to your core, apply correct alignment and dissolve your fears as you gain confidence to step out of your comfort zone.

Facilitator: Andy Black

Assistant: Twanine Gabellone

Investment: £40 (10% discount for members)