“Chance for Love” Relationship workshop with Family Constellations

Meeting for a Season, Reason or Life with Alex Piotrowska A workshop about relationships and everything that happens in them.

About this event:

  • Do you feel you want to be in a relationship but don’t quite know where to start?
  • … why I’m in a relationship, want to leave even though everything is going well, or am living in unfulfillment?
  • Why don’t I succeed even though I love?
  • Why do I love only unattainable partners?
  • Why we can’t talk to each other anymore?
  • Why we have drifted apart and are living like flatmates?
  • Why we avoid intimacy and your sex life is non-existent?
  • Why we do not know how to open your heart to each other?

If you are concerned with any of the above problems – I invite you to a workshops for women and men, where we will answer the above questions.

Alex Piotrowska asks all of these questions (and more) in her workshop Chance for Love

Join Alex in a workshop of exploration what story about the relationships you are holding in your mind and it affects the style and quality of intimate relationships you create . This engaging and interactive workshop will be tracing the source of your beliefs to your personal story, story of relationships in your Family Tree.

It’s a unique format asking questions, rather than providing readymade answers is keeping all the participants involved in a personal exploration and engaged throughout the day. Chance for Love is for anyone who wants to find and create sustaining loving connection with passion , compassion and balance. This will be a workshop about what pattern of relationship you have created as a child, but perhaps is no longer useful to you in adult life

This is a workshop about trust, alignment, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, family conscience. It is a workshop about men and women, about lovers, disrespected partners, about love, and about what love is not

It will be a workshop about how love succeeds, and how to love with the head, that is, according to the orders of love. And how to love in the body, and in mind .I invite you to this workshop to explore your ~ past ~ present and ~ future potential relationships using the method of – Family Constellation

Family Constellation is a process conducted in a single session to deal with difficulties you experience with your partner or family relationships During the workshop you will have the opportunity to connect deeper to your own questions and issues, do your personal work and participate as a representative in others’ constellations.
WHERE: PUTNEY LIBRARY 7 Disraeli Road Putney London SW15 2DR

WHEN 18.12. 2021 we start 9.00am, until 600pm

COST: £160 for a issue working place, £ 120 for a representative 80 unwaged

BOOKINGS http://www.familyconstellation.net/bookings.htmlCONTACT : psychologuk@gmail.com

WHATSAP/ Phone: 0795 7586656  Some questions you might ask yourself

This will be a workshop about the ways of love through the patterns that function in your family.

Your Facilitator Alex Piotrowska psychotherapist trainer , coach . Alex runs Family Constellations workshop “Chance for Love ” in Putney London. Her gift is to explain in easily understood language, just how you can bring around the