Emily’s Family Workshops: Learning to Keep your Children Safe Online

Our puppy is a technophobe. Ever since she joined our family Jetta has discouraged all of us from using our iPads, phones and laptops. Perhaps Jetta is super bright or maybe she gets that when we are using our ipads etc that it means we aren’t playing with her and she likes to play hard!

So, if you don’t have a puppy like Jetta please join Emily’s Family Workshops with our hands-on workshop for how to keep your children safe online.

Highlights the dangers of the internet, what we can do to protect our children and where we can set up controls on our iPads, iPhones and tablets Bring your devices with you so you can make the changes there and then during the workshop so when you go home you are ready to go.

You will be shown the precautions you can use instead of just learning about the dangers of the internet and take away practical tips as well as a hand out when you leave.

£40 per person (includes workshop, refreshments, info pack to take home)

For more details please contact Emily on 07956 235 248 or emily@dancegrooves.dance