Fate Expectations

That one moment in your life that changes everything. That split second decision which decides your future. For better, for worse, or devastatingly unintended.

Putney Theatre Company presents seven short pieces from PTC New Writing which revolve around this theme.

Two strangers meet across a seaside hotel breakfast buffet, with very different reasons for being there. Can they reconcile their differences?  A taxi driver drops a passenger off in the wrong place. Is this simply an annoyance,  or will it have irrevocable consequences?  A dissatisfied couple secretly go out on blind dates, but will they find the loves of their lives?

These events don’t only affect mere mortals – even divine figures are not exempt from the whims of fate.

Bought to you by Putney Theatre Company’s team of actors, directors, producers and writers, this will be a poignant, bitter-sweet and thought-provoking evening to remember.

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