Putney Mumpreneurs: Impactful Communications

Putney Mumpreneurs is a local networking group held in my home in Putney where we provide a fantastic and talented guest speaker, networking and a delicious lunch! This is open to men and women and parents and non-parents. Its a very supportive group for local entrepreneurs who would like to learn a bit more about how to grow and develop their businesses in a friendly and informal format.

Putney Mumpreneurs are excited to welcome Pippa Bateman a successful Communication Consultant on Thursday 7 June 2018. Pippa has a wealth of experience including working with individuals and businesses to create and deliver powerful messages. One of Pippa’s areas of expertise is to get people get ready to speak publicly on big stages and to global audiences, including TED and TEDx.

In a world that is saturated with digital communication and social media, it is still the spoken word that holds court. So, if we want to change minds, spread ideas or get things done, talking beats typing every time.

The trouble is that many people underestimate the power of the spoken word. And this often comes at a cost. The idea not created. The opportunity passed over. The deal not sealed. The promotion not secured. The proposition misunderstood. The strategy not realised. The potential not reached.

Pippa will share with us how in an increasingly unpredictable and uncertain environment, building trust and mutual purpose has never mattered more. In all of our interactions, whether with clients, colleagues or simply when meeting someone new for the first time, we need to find ways to build deeper personal connections and create a lasting impression.

During the session Pippa will explore with you ways to harness the power of the spoken word and speak with confidence and personal conviction no matter how high pressure the situation – whether that be in a pitch, presentation, or simply introducing yourself to someone new for the first time at a networking event or dinner party.

Pippa works with leaders of FTSE 100 businesses needing to drive change. She also works with teams of people, designing and leading communication skills programmes on workplace confidence, pitching, presenting, performance management and professional gravitas. Additionally, she consults with entrepreneurs, CEOs and Founders to help them articulate their propositions for marketing campaigns, pitches, product launches or investor presentations.

£35 per person: includes networking, lunch, and refreshments.

No refunds once booked, but we are happy for you to transfer ticket to a friend, just let us know!