SW London’s networking event

Free networking event for local businesses, and bloggers. We will have two key speakers on social media and time management.
Arya helps go-getter and winning mindset entrepreneurs and business owners, to seize the day and take confident inspired action so that they achieve success faster.
When they work with her, they connect deeply with the value they bring to their clients, so they can take effective action on the things they want most, and achieve more than they dreamed possible. She does this by way of mindset coaching, public speaking and you can also find her on (Youtube, Instagram and her blog). Arya believes that you can become whatever you decide in life reframing your past and using every challenge as stepping stone to freedom and power.
The 2nd speaker is a lady that will be helping us on our social media journey. How to increase followers, engage and interact with your followers and how to approach other businesses.
This is a laid back event, so we will have a chance to mingle before talks and after aswell.
Revolution is offering us 25% off food and certain drinks on the night.

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