Tai Chi


Tai Chi is a combination of moving, standing and sitting meditation exercises. A regular Tai Chi practice can help those who practise it to become stronger, healthier and happier. According to Harvard Medical School, Tai Chi is one of the five best exercises. Scientific evidence verifies the healing potential of this widely practised traditional Chinese system of energy (Chi movements). The latest studies have shown that Tai Chi has a beneficial impact on health. Not only does it has a positive impact on the heart, bones, nerves and muscles, but it also benefits the immune system and the mind.


Our Tai Chi classes follow the Yang family system, which is the most widely practised Tai Chi system in the world. The slow natural graceful movements were once used as a powerful martial art system. Nowadays, they are now used to strengthen mind and body and, in addition, to help slow down the effects of ageing.

Our warm down consists of Eight Treasures (Ba Duan Jin) and Qi Gong (breath or energy work). There are eight simple health preservation exercises from The Chinese Health Qi Gong Association which enhance limb strength and joint flexibility. These exercises also improve the respiratory, cardiovascular and immune systems.


To reserve your place, you can book online, in person at reception, or by calling us on 020 8789 3881. Drop in places cost £17 and are subject to availability. Class passes (6 classes) cost £90. Concessionary rate class passes for Senior Citizens are available from reception.