Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, and Price in aid of Royal Trinity Hospice

Join one of the most exciting new orchestras in London for a charity concert featuring music from three great late Romantic composers.


FLORENCE PRICE Adoration arr. Jones

SIBELIUS Violin Concerto (soloist, Emily Trubshaw)

TCHAIKOVSKY Symphony No. 6 ‘Pathetique’

With the discovery of long-lost manuscripts at her abandoned summer home in 2009, Florence Price has taken the classical music world by storm, redefining what it meant to be an American composer in the 20th century. Her elegant ‘Adoration’, written in 1951 for the organ, is presented here in an arrangement by conductor Robert Jones.
Moving backwards in time, we are delighted to be joined by violinist Emily Trubshaw to perform Sibelius’s Violin Concerto. Premiered in 1904 and revised in 1905, it bridges Romanticism and Modernism, welcoming the new century with open arms. Nature is never far away in Sibelius, though, and in embracing the modern, he never loses sight of his signature ear for organic melody.
Tchaikovsky’s dark and enigmatic Symphony No. 6 “Pathétique” rounds off the program. We are now in the 19th Century, at the height of late Romanticism in Russia. His Sixth Symphony, written in 1893, would be his last, receiving its premiere just 9 days before his death. Its serious, dark tone invites a programmatic interpretation; indeed, Rimsky-Korsakov attests Tchaikovsky mentioned one, but refused to say what it was. A frequent suggestion is that Tchaikovsky, after a lifetime blighted by depression, intended the symphony to be his last – a requiem. Another plays on rumours of his sexuality – that he was putting what couldn’t be said in words into music. Whether you see a suicide note, a homosexual tragedy or simply a “Pathétique” Symphony is up to you. The work abounds with some of the best melodies ever penned, expresses the emotions of a whole lifetime, and battles oblivion with hope.
Proceeds from the concert will go to Royal Trinity Hospice, a wonderful charity providing free specialist palliative and end of life care for people living in South West and Central London. Founded in 1891, they provide care to around 2,500 people every year.

Putney High Street, London, England, SW15 1SN, United Kingdom