Wandsworth Arts Fringe – The Everyperson

Intriguing by day, spectacular by night, The Everyperson is a large light sculpture in the form of a tall pyramid with an associated soundscape that draws on diverse traditional instruments and chants.

The proportions of The Everyperson are based on the Golden Ratio, which is found throughout nature, and which was incorporated by Leonardo Da Vinci into his famous drawing of the Vitruvian Man.

The Everyperson is making a pilgrimage, initially during WAF to St. Mary’s Church, and then to places of worship in London associated with the different major world religions. Hosting and visiting the work is intended to be an acknowledgment of our shared humanity.

In line with mediaeval pilgrimage traditions, those who come to see The Everyperson receive a small token confirming their visit, in this case a card recording the venue, which is stamped with the artists’ seal.

The Everyperson uses a large number of handmade optics to stretch and twist laser light into ever-changing organic patterns that are synced with the soundscape and projected on to its surface. All materials used in the construction, except the electronic components, are 100% recyclable.

Putney High Street, London, England, SW15 1SN, United Kingdom