Wandsworth Arts Fringe – GO BACK FOR MURDER

“Time is the best killer.”

Can you ever truly remember your past? One rainy London day Carla Crale decides she will attempt to discover the truth about her father’s murder and prove her mother innocent of the crime. With the help of her solicitor Justin Fogg, they plan to interview the five people who were present at Amyas Crale’s murder that long summer, all those years ago. But these five witnesses are haunted by their past, their memories seem ever changing, they not only have to battle their own ghosts but also the possibility that the truth they believed may be false.

Adapted by Christie herself from her book ‘Five Little Pigs’ this murder mystery examining the danger of relying on personal testimony warped by time, prejudice and perception, is a dark and emotional journey through the past.

“The people who do us most harm are the people who shield us from reality.”

Ravenna Road, London, England, SW15 6AW, United Kingdom