Wandsworth Arts Fringe – SPORTS!

A young person who is constantly worried about rain, another who just can’t seem to find themselves and there is a constant looming fear of failure. This is Sports! A game of life and it’s impossible to tell who is winning, who is losing and who has dropped out of the race entirely.

In a society that keeps moving the goalposts on who deserves to be here most, the task of figuring out personal identity has become akin to an Olympic sport. Unique Community’s Young Company of actors understands this experience better than most.

A physical theatre feast with original script inspired by Alice in Wonderland and songs written by the cast – this show is a testament to the talent, bravery and creativity of today’s youth. They need you to hear what it’s like to grow up in these chaotic times!

Putney High Street, London, England, SW15 1SN, United Kingdom