Wandsworth Arts Fringe – The Wild Woman

Alice from Checkout 5 stacks shelves in a Turkish corner shop. Her real name is Melek but her boss made her wear an Alice name tag because of budget cuts.

Whilst stacking shelves during a night shift, to make up for her lateness, the electrics cut out. She awakens to find herself inside her own brain, wearing a very scary wedding dress in the frozen food section.

In order to escape back to the real world she must find her way out by revisiting all her past memories (which are packed away in different aisles) before she forgets everything and ends up betrothed.

Luckily, there to support her are her trusty sidekicks, Severed Finger & Dr Faecal Matter, who are completely unhelpful. Lurking around the corner is the wild woman, ready to sabotage her mission for freedom.

This funny solo show is written & performed by bonkers Narin Özenci aka Narin Oz. As seen on BBC 1’s ‘Man Like Mobeen’ & Channel 4’s ‘Girls Go Trolling’.

Side note: This is a work in progress show which breaks the fourth wall and the audience are encouraged to give feedback after the show. Alternatively you can email narinozenci@gmail.com

Putney High Street, London, England, SW15 1SN, United Kingdom