Being a parent and being able to communicate with one’s children is difficult at the best of times. When children insist on communicating through mobile phones and computers, using texts, memes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, instead of talking and discussion, it is hardly ever successful. What happened to the good old English language?

When a child announces their gender identity is wrong and they intend on changing, things become a whole lot more challenging.

Both are overwhelmed by new thoughts, new concepts, new attitudes, new feelings, new situations, new genders, new emotions, new lives, new names, new highs, new lows, new words, new languages, a whole new learning trip, a completely new way of looking at life, a newly changed family, new attitudes.

How does a parent, a father, cope? How does he manage to communicate with his child, with his family, with his friends and neighbours? Are his language skills up to it? Can one of the greatest wordsmiths in the English language help?

Follow this father on his journey as he finds both himself and his child.

A play done with humour and love.

Written by Rory and Simon Waterfield and performed by Simon Waterfield.

5-7, Disraeli Road, London, England, SW15 2DR, United Kingdom