Have you ever felt betrayed by your brain? Like you’re not in control? What would you do? Scream? Let your brain take over?

Lucy, an exercise instructor and life juggler, is wading through life, with two jobs, living with Dad at 34… and single. Lucy’s pushes through, until she’s forced to stop.

Lucy’s life is overturned by The Malfunction, she is thrown into the unknown. Interrupted by unexplained sensations, involuntary movements and sporadically breaking into song, Lucy tries to make sense of it all. Will she completely lose her identity? Or find a new way of living?

This dark comedy is based on one person’s lived experience of Functional neurological disorder (FND) and their journey to remission. Bringing FND into the spotlight to raise awareness. Last year one sister, from the duo, was diagnosed with FND. This show is based on her experience.

This show mentions Mental health, Loss of ability, Chronic illness.

Written & performed by Fabienne & Florentina Bowden

Music & Lyrics by Harry Creffield

“FND describes neurological symptoms like limb weakness, tremor, numbness or blackouts [and more], related to the movement and sensation parts of the nervous system…” https://neurosymptoms.org/en

Putney High Street, London, England, SW15 1SN, United Kingdom