Wandsworth Arts Fringe – ATHENA AMORET CHICK-IN SHOW

A male chef prepares, roasts and serves up a chicken.

Athena Amoret presents her one-woman, feminist, clown theatre show highlighting the objectification of the female body, whilst wearing rubber gloves on her feet.

Playful, bright, absurd and unapologetic, CHICK-IN SHOW centralises around the theme of violence against women and girls and although the topic is a serious one, the show is light and fun with lots of laughter.

Focusing on the language that Athena has grown up hearing referring to women and girls, victim-blaming and the sexualisation of girls, it will be in parts grotesque, vulnerable, extremely silly and original.

Part of Wandsworth New Writing Festival.

WARNING: Nudity, disturbing themes of sexual abuse against women and girls, and self harm.

WITH AN EXTRACT FROM: King Kong Theory, Virginie Despentes, tr. Frank Wynne, Fitzcarraldo Editions, London, 2020. Copyright © Éditions Grasset & Fasquelle, 2006. Translation copyright © Frank Wynne, 2020.

Reproduced by permission of Virginie Despentes.