Wandsworth Arts Fringe – CHEAPART DECK THE STALLS

Middle Management has her tits out and is singing ‘Don’t Cha’ by The Pussycat Dolls on karaoke. HR Sandra is desperate for the mini cheddars not to get crushed into the carpet. And Chrissie, well, Chrissie is off her face.

Serena’s office Christmas party is tragic, like beyond tragic. So she’s locked herself in the toilet because, seriously, f*ck HR Sandra’s forced fun.

‘Deck The Stalls’ is a blistering new play by Lydia Brickland. This show is for anyone who has had to endure the ‘There’s No Washing Up Fairy’ posters and passive aggressive office lunchroom sticky notes.

Filled with humour, fun and a sack full of heart, this alternative Christmas show is sure to be a great night out – maybe even bring your own office Christmas party?

Part of Wandsworth New Writing Festival.